Designing and building mobile applications

We design and build mobile applications for your business needs and your target audience. We listen to you closely, but we also suggest something else if you feel like it: world is chancing at a rapid pace, and sometimes staying with the pace requires bold moves. We are with you and supported you all the way; feet in the ground, head in the clouds.
We have know-how about Android and iOS, as well as integrating back-end systems and to mobile apps. In addition, we focus heavily on the usability of applications and thus on user experience. Designing a customer and user experience is as worthy a “design” as visual and technical design.

Developing mobile applications

A mobile app is never ready. In order for users not to remove the icon from their phone and to benefit from the application every day, it has to be constantly updated: omit something old, bring in something new. We design the application’s lifecycle with you and we’re with you all the way.
Do you already have a mobile app, but would like to renew it? We will be happy to help you in the process.

Support and maintenance

We will not leave you alone. Even though technology evolves, challenges and problems will come sooner or later. We will help. And already in the design phase, we’ll be working together with you, and all the way beyond the release of your app: how to keep it up and running and managing the application life-cycle? How to react to changes in the business environment?

Business development

A mere mobile app may not develop your business. The application should be part of a larger entity, part of digitalization of your business and its entire activity. What other digital tools and channels do you use, and how are mobile apps related to them? Where do you get added value, and what’s not needed? We want to look at this whole thing, and not just sell a stand-alone application that would not benefit you.

Innovation Voucher

Do you have a product or service idea that has international growth potential and you need external expertise to implement it? Does the idea of digitalization and the mobile world connect? The Innovation Voucher helps you finance your business. Ask more so let’s look together what we can do!



AppSolution have designed and created a mobile application for Adora to manage business-to-business real-time inventory and stock monitoring. Adora resellers can check the stock status of Adora products and see the detailed product descriptions. The app has also news, feedback and chat features. Adora is satisfied with the app; it has helped in communicating with the resellers and boosted sales.

Restaurant and cafe application

We have developed an application concept for restaurants and cafes that can be customized according to customer needs. The features of the application include, A menu with detailed descriptions and pictures, opening hours, table reservations, pick-up order, loyalty and promotions, various campaigns and reminders.

Other apps
and solutions

We have also developed other application concepts, and based on these, we have various ready-made solutions. We also do other mobile applications on a "turnkey" basis. If you have an idea in mind, please contact us to get ideas together!

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